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HTML Cheat Sheet : A Fast Overview of HTML Language is a memory aid technical notes for the students of the C-Cube Coding School. It takes a fast approach to teaching the basics of web development.

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Oasis books is an outreach of Bayonson Co Ltd. Oasis was created to bridge that knowledge gap that stayed between readers and access to in demand books. We  have always tried to provide interesting and informative titles that will carter to the life need of every reader


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Wheel Of Time

Follow the story of 5 young people from a small town whose story suddenly takes a wild turn when it is discovered that one of them could be the dragon reborn- a son of prophecy.


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Oasis Books is a true haven for book lovers like myself. The website’s collection is a carefully curated selection of literary gems, ranging from classics to contemporary bestsellers.

Mike Sendler

Oasis Books has transformed my reading experience. I appreciate the most is the diversity of genres available, catering to all tastes. From fiction to non-fiction, each book I’ve received has been of exceptional quality.

Charmaine Tobey

I appreciate the variety of genres available, and the site’s recommendations have introduced me to authors I might have overlooked. If you’re passionate about reading and love the element of surprise in your book selections, Oasis Books is the place to be.

Delmar Byers

Oasis Books has proven to be a reliable source for my literary cravings. The website’s layout is clean and easy to navigate, providing a pleasant shopping experience. The variety of genres is impressive, and I appreciate the commitment to offering both popular and niche titles.

Shanna Margolis

Power Attitudes

Power Attitudes that get you Faster to Your Goals – is a unique training guide that uses the spiritual and mental principles to transform your life. The onus of applying the principles and following the guide is on you because you are the judge, the advocate and the accuse all at the same time. You are therefore advised to not pick up this guide unless you are ready for the transformation that it will bring into your life. You are required to make some sacrifices of time and effort, but you will be a judge as to whether the sacrifice is worth it or not. You will see that nothing else prepared you for the success and transformation that this guide brings to your life.

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